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Solar Cell Kit - ICE 98-001 Nanocrystalline Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Kit


ICE 98-001 Nanocrystalline dye-sensitive solar cell kit
Components included in the
Nanocrystalline Dye-Sensitized
Solar Cell Kit

ICE 98-001 - Nanocrystalline Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Kit


This kit is not manufactured, sold or distributed by Sol Ideas or Greg Smestad, Ph.D. Read below to learn how to purchase it from ICE.


Greg P. Smestad, Ph.D. developed a prototype nanocrystalline dye sensitized solar cell kit in 1998, using dyes from plants. This kit can provide an interdisciplinary context for students learning the basic principles of biological extraction, chemistry, physics, environmental science and nanotechnology. The result of the procedure is a solar cell that lasts no longer than a few months, so it is a teaching tool and not a practical photovoltaic module. It should be noted that the kit and its associated procedures are not to be used without the help and guidance of an adult who understands basic chemical safety practices.

  • Model: ICE No. 98-001

  • Shipping Weight: approximately 2 lbs

  • Manufactured by: Institute of Chemical Education (ICE)

View Data Sheet (PDF)

Click on the button below to purchase the ICE No. 98-001 Nanocrystalline Solar Cell Kit. You will be redirected to the website of the Institute of Chemical Education, ICE, the organization that produces and distributes the kit. Then click on "Order No. 98-001" to download the PDF order form for the kit shown in the photograph. To inquire about shipping costs and international orders, please follow this procedure and then use the contact information on the downloaded PDF to inquire directly with ICE.

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