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Sol Ideas Technology Development offers substantial project development and project management experience to enterprises in the fields of materials science, optoelectronics and educational materials. The founder and owner of Sol Ideas, Greg P. Smestad, Ph.D., has a background in research and industry of over 20 years. Whether it is via due diligence work, reviewing grant proposals for government agencies, or advising companies on technical matters related to solar conversion, we can shorten the length of time it takes a potential product or product enhancement to reach the production stage.

Optoelectronics of Solar Cells

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells Journal
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A published author in the fields of optoelectronics, materials science, and energy policy, Dr. Smestad served as an editor for the international journal Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells. In addition to many scientific papers, Dr. Smestad published a tutorial book on the Optoelectronics of Solar Cells.

Dr. Smestad is also actively involved in educational projects for industry, the sciences, and the humanities. His educational products that have been brought to the market include a Solar Cell Kit and a Trail Guide and audio CD for the U.S. National Park Service.

Dr. Smestad is currently working with international collaborators on the topic of Photovoltaic Soiling Please contact us for further information.

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Dr. Smestad is currently available for consulting on a case-by-case basis. Fees are based on project parameters, time and materials. To inquire about our services and receive a preliminary price quote, please contact us by sending an email message to inquiries@solideas.com.

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