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Solar Cell Kits

Below is an educational solar cell kit invented and developed by Dr. Greg P. Smestad. It teaches the basic principles of science and solar energy. This kit is designed to be used in a controlled classroom setting (under the instruction of a teacher or adult), or by hobbyists who understand basic safety practices.

Note: This kit is not manufactured, sold or distributed by Sol Ideas or Greg Smestad, Ph.D. For details, click on "Learn more..."

Nanocrystalline Solar Cell Kit ICE 98-001

ICE No. 98-001 Nanocrystalline Solar Cell Kit

The Nanocrystalline Solar Cell Kit uses natural dyes from berries to generate electricity from light. It should be noted that the kit and its associated procedures are not to be used without the help and supervision of an adult who understands basic chemical safety practices. This solar cell kit is available for purchase from the Institute of Chemical Education (ICE).
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