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Photos of Student Lab

Click on photos to see enlarged images.

These photographs were taken at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Institute of Chemical Physics (in Lausanne, Switzerland) on Jan. 21, 1999 during a successful session where students tested the educational nanocrystalline solar cell procedure.

Solar Cell Kit materials - Click for full-size photo Solar Cell Kit Materials and Additional Supplies.
Students assembling Solar Cell - Click for full-size photo Students working together to assemble and test the nanocrystalline dye sensitized solar cell.
Assembled solar cell - Click for full-size photo Assembled solar cell illuminated by a halogen lamp. To prevent overheating of the solar cell, use a large piece of conductive glass or other suitable Infra-Red (heat) filter (not shown) between the lamp and solar cell.
Coating glass with soot - Click for full-size photo adn details The external output characteristics using a graphite pencil layer as a catalyst may be linear, and this may be undesirable. An alternative method is to coat the glass with soot. Click on the photo for additional details and enlarged photo.

Photos of Finished Solar Cells

Learn more about the Nanocrystalline Solar Cell Kit developed by Greg Smestad and marketed by ICE.

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