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Sol Ideas Technology Development is a consulting firm that provides expertise in the application of optics and semiconductor materials used for photovoltaics (PV), renewable energy, and optoelectronics. As a Materials Scientist and specialist in solar concentrators, Greg P. Smestad, Ph.D. offers consulting for R&D in solar cells, peer review, merit review, scientific evaluation, scientific due diligence and technical training on these topics. Our clients range from government agencies to companies and individuals.

The word "Sol" comes from the Spanish word for Sun, and Sol Ideas Technology Development helps those with "Ideas" that can lead to a cleaner environment.

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Current News
New Solar Fuels Article

Greg P. Smestad and Aldo Steinfeld publish their Review article: Review: Photochemical and Thermochemical Production of Solar Fuels from HO and CO Using Metal Oxide Catalysts in ACS Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research.
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Solar Energy Education

Solar Energy Education
Greg P. Smestad, Ph.D. is working to find educational uses for the leftovers from Solyndra's bankruptcy that would otherwise go into a hazardous materials landfill.

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells Journal

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells

An International Journal devoted to the promotion of photovoltaic (PV), photothermal and photochemical solar energy conversion

Optoelectronics of Solar Cells

Tutorial and Text

A tutorial text on solar cells from an optical and thermodynamic perspective
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