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Satellite Dish-based Solar Cooker

Experiments with a Satellite Dish-Based, Low Budget Solar Cooker

Greg Smestad, Ph.D., of Sol Ideas demonstrated this Satellite Dish-based Solar Cooker for a group of educators for the Optical Society of America’s (OSA) Education Day (EDAY) on October 19, 2011.

References and Further Information

Some experiments with a satellite dish-based, low budget solar cooker

YouTube: How to Make a Parabolic Solar Cooker

Cosmic Cooker

Satellite Dish Boiling Water at OSA EDAY

Safety Warning and Disclaimer Regarding Experiments Listed

The user assumes all risks regarding these projects. Concentrated sunlight can produce high temperatures and can damage one's eyes. Suitable gloves should be worn to protect the experimenter from potential burns. The concentrated sunlight can ignite combustibles or cause other types of damage. If this concentrated light energy does not hit the target collector, because the dish and collector is not properly aligned with the sun, then a hazard exists beyond the missed target. Students and instructors should wear protective sunglasses when viewing the light concentrated by the dish. Under no circumstances should anyone look directly at the sun or place ones eyes such that they are at the focal point of the reflector dish. Other standard safety precautions when utilizing optics and high power light sources may apply.

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