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  Music from Mission Santa Clara - Te Deum
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   Website: http://www.scu.edu/archives/
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Te Deum from the Santa Clara University Library archives
  Santa Clara University Ibaņez Te Deum page 1

  Enlarged detail of Te Deum page 1


Te Deum - Santa Clara University Archives


Description: Leather Bound, 85 pages, Gregorian manuscript, B&W, square notes. Manuscript is found in the Mission Santa Clara Archives. It contains the handwriting of Father Florencio Ibaņez, and the music within the book no doubt comes from his contemporaries.

This music is described on pgs. 45-46 of Beryl Hoskin's book, A History of the Santa Clara Mission Library. The manuscript is also accessible on microfilm (manuscript 1-4, Mass of St. Dominic) at SCU. Te Deum is on fol. 83.

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