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Provided on this page is a list of links related to our activities. We encourage you to visit these web sites to explore your interests and learn more about the connection between these fields.

Links Related to Sol Ideas Activities
Click on a topic in the top list to reach the section below with external links related to that topic.

Access to Journals

Solar Cell and Solar Module Products

Consultants and Industry Overviews in Photovoltaics

Patents: Locating Intellectual Property

Solar-related Laboratories and Organizations

Materials and Device Testing

Nanocrystalline Solar Cell Information and Suppliers

Solar and Renewable Energy Education and Information

Energy and Environmental Policy

Strategic Alliances

Solar-related Events

Solar Land RequirementsUnion of Concerned Scientists

Access to Journals
All grant proposals and publications should be cross-checked using tools like these to determine the novel aspects of the work.

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells: General Information

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells: Archived Volumes

Science Direct


Google Scholar


Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications

NREL Publications Search

Locate Energy Content - energylocate

DOE's Science Accelerator

DOE's Information Bridge

NASA Reports search

Wikipedia Entry on Information Bridge: DOE Scientific and Technical Information

Other Academic Databases

Solar Cell and Solar Module Products

Silicon Solar Inc.

Iowa Thin Films (Power Film)

Real Goods - Solar Kits and Panels

Edmund Scientific - Solar Panels for Kids and Hobbyists

Evergreen Solar


SANYO HIT solar panels

Global Solar (Thin Film CIGS)

First Solar (Thin Film CdTe)


BP Solar


Shell Solar


Schott Solar

Cost of Solar Energy

Spire Turnkey PV Lines

Applied Materials (Solar)

Database of PV (Solar Module) companies

REC (PV Solar Modules)

Consultants and Industry Overviews in Photovoltaics

Photon International Magazine

Photovoltaic (PV) News

Abbie Gregg, Inc. (AGI)

Solar Buzz Consultancy

Navigant Consulting

Strategies Unlimited

Prometheus Institute

Solar Industry Magazine

Greentech Media

Patents: Locating Intellectual Property

US Patent Office

Google Patents

Search for Scientific Information

European Patent Office

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

Solar-related Laboratories and Organizations

Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

International Solar Energy Society

U.S. DOE Solar Technologies Program

U.S. DOE Solar America Initiative

Solar Information - Energy Information Administration

Climate Protection - Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network

Florida Solar Energy Center

Sandia National Labs PV program

American Solar Energy Society

Solar Energy International

Instituto de Energía Solar, Madrid

ARC Centre in Advanced Silicon Photovoltaics and Photonics, UNSW

School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering

ECN Solar Energy


California Energy Commission's Research and Development Division

University of Delaware (Institute of Energy Conversion)

Materials and Device Testing

ASU PV Testing Laboratory - PV Design Qualification and Type Certification

Ron Sinton Consulting for Silicon Testing

Photoluminescence Testing of Silicon

Belval S.A. (Switzerland) Solar Cell/Module Testing

Nanocrystalline Solar Cell Information and Suppliers

Wikipedia entry on Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

Solar Energy Educational Activities

Institute of Chemical Education Solar Cell Kit

For an up to date list of contacts in this area, please contact the EPFL.

Solar and Renewable Energy Education and Information

How Solar Cells Work

Solar Energy Projects by Gavin D J Harper

PBS TV Program on Solar

DOE's Glossary of Solar Terms

California's Center for Sustainable Energy Glossary

Sandia's Glossary of Terms

A Solar Lexicon

NREL's Glossary of Solar Terms

The Solar Cooking Archive

Pico Wind Turbines

Solar Hydrogen Technology, Teaching Systems, Fuel Cells

Home Power Magazine

'Scheffler-type' Parabolic Solar Kitchens

A Solar Grand Plan - A Scientific American Article

Energy and Environmental Policy

The Big Energy Gamble (Governor Schwarzenegger and AB32)

Prof. Norman Myers on "Perverse subsidies"

International Institute for Sustainable Development: Subsidies

EPA and Renewable Energy

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Pew Center on Global Climate Change

Cities for Climate Protection, ICLEI

World Bank Youth Program

UN Environment Programme Global Resource Information Database

Earth Policy Institute

Strategic Alliances

Sol Ideas Technology Development has established a strategic alliance in its pursuit of developing products in the fields of education, optoelectronics and environmental technologies.

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells Journal

Solar-related Events

Events from NREL

Events from DOE

Events from PV Group SEMI

Events from Fraunhofer ISE

Events from Photon International

Events from Solar Plaza

Events from Solar Server

Events from Silicon Valley PV society

Copenhagen Climate Conference

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