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I&ECR publishes article on Solar Fuels made from H2O and CO2, co-authored by Dr. Smestad

This just out! Greg P. Smestad and Aldo Steinfeld publish their article: Review: Photochemical and Thermochemical Production of Solar Fuels from HO and CO Using Metal Oxide Catalysts in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/ie3007962. Please note: Click on the link for the PDF or article (under the blue 'Abstract' heading). You will then need to register (for free) by clicking on the blue 'Register' button. Then, select Nonmember/Global Partner. You can also request a PDF by sending an email message to inquiries@solideas.com.


Understanding Solyndra from its Glass Tubes

Solyndra's bankruptcy is a "teachable moment" for the Solar Energy industry, and Dr. Greg P. Smestad uses it and glass tubes as an opportunity for you to learn more about science & technology and the larger context for the story.


Solyndra auction prompts Greentech Media and CBS to invite perspective from Dr. Smestad

Dr. Smestad guest posts to Greentech Media with a look into all the goods available at Solyndra's Second Auction, December 14, 2011. Travel with him as he walks through the factory, views unopened boxes and speaks with interested buyers. This story led to his interview on a CBS 5 (KPIX San Francisco) broadcast. If you'd like details on his findings, visit our Picasa web album and study his comments.


SVForum hosts CleanTech breakfast on China and the Solyndra Aftermath

On December 6, 2011 in San Francisco, Dr. Smestad attended a discussion on the current competition from China and the Solyndra Aftermath at SVForum. SVForum brings together investors, entreprenuers, executives, journalists and clean technology professionals.


Dr. Smestad purchases equipment at the Solyndra auction and a Solyndra PV panel for study

On November 2, 2011, Greg Smestad, Ph.D. attended the first Solyndra Auction and purchased a Thor Labs photodiode amplifier for Sol Ideas. Intrigued with Solyndra's science, technology and Intellectual Property (IP), he purchased a Solyndra Panel to validate a previously developed theoretical model of its optics and angular response. Download the 2.3 MB PDF file of the DOE/NASA CR-150874 report. (Requires Adobe Acrobat reader - See Note.) Visit the Picasa web album for detailed images.


Sigma Xi 125th Anniversary Interview of Stanford V. Ovshinsky

Dr. Smestad was asked by Sigma Xi to interview a fellow member with notable achievements. In this interview, Stanford R. Ovshinsky speaks about the solar industry, advises young scientists, and talks about goals for the future regarding science and solar energy. Read the on-line interview in its entirety. The printed excerpt is released in the January 2012 issue of Sigma Xi's American Scientist.


Sol Ideas Sponsors and Participates in OSA's Science Educators' Day (EDAY)

On the 19th of October 2011, Sol Ideas presented a Satellite Dish-based Solar Cooker for the Optical Society of America's (OSA) Education Day (EDAY) at the Sainte Claire Hotel in San Jose, California.

Dr. Smestad comments on Peer Review/Merit Review Process on KQED's Forum September 2, 2011

Greg Smestad, Ph.D. calls in to clarify the Peer Review / Merit Review process used by the U.S. Department of Energy in response to discussions on the due diligence for photovoltaic module manufacturer Solyndra. Listen to the show, download the MP3, and view his posted comment. More information about the DOE Loan Guarantee Program can be found at the U.S. DOE Loan Programs Office.


Solar Leadership and DOE SunShot Initiative

Two separate radio programs, March 27 and April 3, 2011, on KKUP's A Meeting of the Ways covering the SunShot initiative, the 2011 SolarTech Solar Leadership Summit and Dr. Smestad's interview with Matt Cheney of Clean Path Ventures. Listen to MP3s below to learn more about solar bankability, solar energy and plug-in hybrids and access to clean energy.


Download a 54K pdf file of the transcript of an interview with Matt Cheney of CleanPath Ventures. The transcript corresponds to following three MP3 files. (Requires Adobe Acrobat reader - See Note.)

Play MP3 file of Matt Cheney interview, part 1

Play MP3 file of Matt Cheney (CleanPath Ventures) explaining Bankability (Part 1 of 3)
Recorded by Greg P. Smestad
(playing time 3 minutes 9 seconds)

Play MP3 file of Matt Cheney interview, part 2

Play MP3 file of Matt Cheney (CleanPath Ventures) on solar energy and plug-in hybrids (Part 2 of 3)
Recorded by Greg P. Smestad
(playing time 3 minutes 9 seconds)

Play MP3 file of Matt Cheney interview, part 3

Play MP3 file of Matt Cheney (CleanPath Ventures) on access to clean energy (Part 3 of 3)
Recorded by Greg P. Smestad
(playing time 3 minutes 44 seconds)

The three MP3 files of the Matt Cheney interview are best played in sequence. To download these audio files to your computer or personal media player, right click (or control-click) on the highlighted text (Matt Cheney...) and select Save Target As... or Save Link As... and then choose the location where the MP3 file will be stored on your computer.

Solar and Renewable Energy Events

See a list of events related to solar energy and renewable energy.

Note: To read PDF files you will need the Adobe Acrobat reader, which can be downloaded free from the Adobe web site.

A Sun-Shot moment, SCU, photo by Greg P. Smestad
In San José
  PV Economics
Greg P. Smestad, Ph.D. gave an interview to Silicon Valley's Metro Newspaper. He gave a presentation on PV Economics for Vacuum Coaters at the 52nd SVC meeting. Download a PDF of the manuscript.
SVC >> Metro >>  

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